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Improve the health, resilience and energy level
of your workforce.

Why offer Healthy Performance with Stress Free Now?

We Help Employees:

Reduce stress

Improve emotional well-being

We Help Employers:

Provide a real and measurable way to reduce employee stress

Decrease absenteeism and improve employee focus and well-being

What is Healthy Performance with Stress Free Now?

Offered in partnership with Cleveland Clinic, this clinically based, six-week stress management program teaches participants skills and strategies effective in treating and mitigating the impact of stress on quality of life. Participants will have access to:

  • Six weeks of daily lessons and stress management strategies
  • Interactive relaxation practices (Web, CD, Mobile App)
  • Personal progress tracker
  • Lifetime access to the online program

Plus, your organization will receive:

  • Pre and post assessment of perceived stress and emotional well-being
  • Post-program satisfaction survey, outcomes analysis and aggregate reporting
  • Outcomes presentation to leadership

Employee stress is associated with increased healthcare utilization, absenteeism and lower productivity.