man relaxing and free from stress thanks to stress management services

Improve the health, resilience and energy level
of your workforce.

Why offer Healthy Performance with Stress Free Now?

We Help Employees:

Reduce stress

Improve emotional well-being

We Help Employers:

Provide a real and measurable way to reduce employee stress

Decrease absenteeism and improve employee focus and well-being

What is Healthy Performance with Stress Free Now?

Offered in partnership with Cleveland Clinic, this clinically based, six-week stress management program teaches participants skills and strategies effective in treating and mitigating the impact of stress on quality of life. Participants will have access to:

  • Six weeks of daily lessons and stress management strategies
  • Interactive relaxation practices (Web, CD, Mobile App)
  • Personal progress tracker
  • Lifetime access to the online program

Plus, your organization will receive:

  • Pre and post assessment of perceived stress and emotional well-being
  • Post-program satisfaction survey, outcomes analysis and aggregate reporting
  • Outcomes presentation to leadership

Employee stress is associated with increased healthcare utilization, absenteeism and lower productivity.