First day of schoolThe first day of school can be overwhelming, not only for parents but for the children. It is key to help prepare yourself and your child for the new school year. It’s important for you to ask your child about how they are feeling about the upcoming school year. Whether it’s your child’s first year ever in school or they’re a pro, here are some tips to help you get them ready for the first day of school.

Talk it out
Some children may have anxiety and it’s important to talk through those feelings and help ease the concerns they may have. Letting your child know all the new and exciting things that may happen to them this year may help them make it through the first day. Talk to your child about making new friends and all the fun activities they will be participating in during the year. It’s also important to let your child know that he/she is not alone in feeling the way they do. A lot of children, and even adults, go through a whole slew of emotions before the first day of school.First day of school
It’s important to also let your child know that you will be there no matter what. One thing that may be a good idea is to put a little note in your child’s lunch box or back pack to let them know that you are thinking of them throughout the day.

Plan a visit
First day of schoolIf possible, it would also be a good idea to visit the school with your child to get them acquainted with their new atmosphere, especially if this is their first year in school or they’re entering a new school. Most schools allow for a teacher meet & greet before the new school year begins, if your child’s school offers it, this would be another great thing to do to help prepare them. This way when school starts they will already know where their classroom is and who their teacher will be.

Set a schedule
First day of schoolChildren may have a lot of questions on what they should expect for the school year and it’s important to discuss that with them, which brings us to the next step. You want to make sure your child knows their schedule for the day: when the bus is going to be picking up, when the school day starts, lunch time, when school day ends, and what time they will arrive home. Making sure your child knows how long their day will be and what goes on during their day will help get them ready for the school year ahead. It is also recommended that you check with the school to see if there is a school handbook or class outline that you can go over with your child to help prepare them even more for what’s expectant during the year.

Focus on fun
First day of schoolAnother helpful thing to discuss with your child is their interests. Maybe they are interested in after-school activities such as sports or different clubs. If the school offers these interests it would be a great idea to mention that to your child. This will give your child something else to look forward to throughout the day.

Create a buddy system
First day of schoolLook into to see if there is another child in the neighborhood taking the bus to school or having their parents drive them, maybe pair up with this family. This way your child will have a buddy on the way to school that they can walk in with. This may help ease the anxiety your child may have heading in and walking into the school for the first time.

Stock up
First day of schoolFinally, one of the most fun activities to do before the first day of school is shopping for school supplies! Most schools give a list to parents before the first day to let the families know what needs to be bought for the year. With all the different types of pens, paper, notebooks, and markers it is sure to be a fun shopping trip for your child. Especially if you let them pick out the style of things they like the most. This will get your child excited to go to school and use the new supplies that they have for the year.

The new school year is an exciting time. Letting your child know what to expect on their first day may help them realize that it’s not so scary after all. We’ve given you a few tips on how to get ready for the first day, but if you’d like to learn more or for help with any of your other work-life challenges, log in today.