Backup CareBeing a full-time working parent can be difficult for both the parent and the child. Not only do working parents have to make arrangements for their child’s every day care so they can get to their job, but they also need to consider what will happen when that care inevitably falls through.

Leaving your child with someone to care for them while you work an 8+ hour day can take its toll emotionally on everyone involved. You and your child may suffer from separation anxiety, while you may also experience the added stress of hoping nothing disrupts your plan. When you add in unexpected disruptions to your well thought out care routine, it can throw you for a loop. Here are some of the most common scenarios where backup care can help you as a full-time working parent.

  1. Your caregiver calls in sick
    Your nanny is a no-show, leaving you scrambling for care on the day of a big meeting.
  2. School closes early
    The routine of school gets disrupted for these days all year long, and you’re left trying to find coverage for the rest of the day.
  3. Weather related closings
    You wake up to a few inches of snow, your kid’s dream come true, and a nightmare for you as you scramble to find care at the last minute.
  4. Your child is mildly ill
    When your child wakes up with a sore throat or a fever, and can’t go in to daycare, but you still need to be at work.Backup Care
  5. School closings for holidays or professional development days
    It’s a nice treat for children to have a day off here and there, but not so nice for Mom and Dad who can’t miss work.
  6. Caregiver vacations
    It’s a great chance for your caregiver to relax and recharge, but can leave you stressed and struggling to figure out a replacement care routine for those days.
  7. Summer care hasn’t begun, but school has let out
    The easy, lazy days of summer vacation have arrived, but the summer camp you lined up doesn’t start for another week. Now what?
  8. Daycare closes unexpectedly
    These days are likely few and far between, but there may be times when your center has a need to close and you need to be at work.Backup Care

When these breaks in care sneak up on you, having a backup care benefit can really be a lifesaver. With a lot of backup care benefits, you can choose whether you want someone to come to your home, use a local center or sometimes even a friend or family member. Having the ability and flexibility to choose the type of care you are going to use for your child not only takes the stress out of backup care, but it also offers peace of mind so you can get to, and focus on, work.

Having to leave your child is hard enough. Facing situations where you’re not sure how you’ll find care or get to work is even harder. We’ve given you a few ideas of how and when you could use backup care, but if you’d like to learn more, or for help with any of your other work-life challenges, log in today.