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Welcome to the Aetna Student Assistance Program

This confidential service is provided to you free by your educational institution. You can access these services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through the "Eligible Members" log in box on the right.
Aetna Student Assistance can help you better manage daily activities and emotional concerns by providing services such as*:
  Toll-free access to trained clinicians who can confidentially help you with issues such as: stress, depression, addictions, eating disorders, relationship issues, and other emotional concerns.

  Referrals to an affiliate Aetna provider (clinician) who can provide face-to-face counseling as needed.

  Referrals to personal services such as: fitness centers, laundry services, pet care providers, personal trainers, etc.

  An interactive web site that provides information on college selection and funding, physical and emotional health (e.g., depression, eating disorders, alcohol or substance abuse), academic success, financial matters (e.g., credit/debt), legal issues (e.g., landlord/tenant) daily life, discounts and childcare information for students with children.
*The actual services provided vary with the plan purchased. Please log-in to view your available benefits.
Eligible Members
Enter your School ID and then click "Search," use the link that appears to access the Aetna Student Assistance Program:

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