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Employees across America miss work every day due to changes in their normal child and elder care arrangements.

What is Backup Care Connection®?

Backup Care Connection helps employees secure and pay for temporary child or senior care when their regular care plans are disrupted due to planned events (e.g., school closings, caregiver vacations) or unexpected events (e.g., illness, inclement weather). Our program helps employees get to work by providing:

  • Temporary care for children and older adults (including mildly ill)
  • Support for planned and emergency care needs
  • Access to highly credentialed center-based and in-home care providers nationwide
  • A “Friends & Family” plan that dramatically increases usage and satisfaction rates
  • 24/7 access via telephone and web
  • Billing management (payments & reimbursements)

Our program gets more employees to work by letting them choose who they want to use for care —whether it’s their own friends and family members or our nationwide network of providers—and reimbursing them for the cost. No other provider offers this level of choice or flexibility. It’s no wonder we have the highest placement and satisfaction rates in the industry.

Why Offer Backup Care Connection?

We Help Employees:

Reduce stress associated with breakdowns in care routines

Choose who they want to use for care, including their own friends and family members, providing them with peace of mind

Save money on the cost of care

We Help Employers:

Reduce the high cost of employee absenteeism

Improve employee focus

Increase loyalty and productivity

Get The Industry’s Most Flexible Backup Care

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics…

Companies in the U.S. experienced an estimated $74 billion in direct costs and lost opportunities due to unplanned absences. Over 20% of those absences were due to family issues including breakdowns in child and adult care.