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Connect your employees to the right benefits at the right time

What Is BenConnect

BenConnect is a unique benefit that connects employees with the right benefits provided by their employer at the time they need them. BenConnect drives employee engagement, benefits awareness and utilization by helping employees easily navigate to the benefits offered to them through their employer by:

  • Providing a single point of entry for employee inquiries via our 24/7/365 call center
  • Conducting a comprehensive needs assessment to fully understand employee needs
  • Matching employees with the most relevant program, services and benefits
  • Offering first-call resolution and follow-up as needed
Almost 50% of employees "do not understand benefits/communication materials."

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (2016)

Why Offer BenConnect?

We Help Employees:

Save time by streamlining benefits resources

Quickly navigate to the most appropriate benefits for their needs

By providing personalized assistance and a human touch not available in most programs

We Help Employers:

Increase awareness and engagement with of all their benefits programs

Save money by leveraging LifeCare’s systems, staff and resources to communicate critical benefits information

Utilize our reports to better understand how their employees are using their benefits

Reduce administrative time and improve cost efficiencies by providing first-call resolution and/or connecting members to the right resources at the right times