Top Benefits To Help You Win the Escalating War for Talent

Attracting new talent and keeping your best people from jumping ship requires extra thought and creativity in a booming jobs market. One of the best things you can do to strengthen your appeal to talent, not to mention your employment brand, is to offer employees a mix of highly desirable benefits.

5 Reasons Your Company Needs Backup Care Now

Employees love having access to a high-quality, flexible backup care program and it’s easy to understand why. But backup care doesn’t only benefit your people. It’s every bit as helpful to your organization. Here are five key ways that a flexible backup care improves your company and its bottom line.

What Is a Care Management Benefit and Why Does Your Company Need It?

Comprehensive senior care management programs can be monumentally helpful to caregivers. This employee benefit can assist with understanding an aging loved one’s care needs, identifying resources available and also assist with implementing care. Here we provide some facts about the business case for senior care management programs and define scenarios a care manager can assist with.

The Benefits of Backup Care

Changes to an employee's routine can be tough, especially for working families. They can be faced with unexpected challenges like inclement weather, illness, caregiver holidays or vacations and many other temporary disruptions for regular care arrangements. As those days add up, their work may start to suffer, leading to losses in productivity and engagement and increased stress.

The Hunt for Unique Solutions

As our tagline says, wherever you are in life, there’s LifeCare. The whole LifeCare team takes this creed very seriously and is dedicated to assisting with all of the life needs of our members and to finding unique solutions for our clients. While we tackle many different kinds of requests every day, this is a story about a very unique ask and how one Lifer rose to the challenge.

Taking Care: Employee Financial Wellness

In today’s workplace, employee well-being initiatives are no longer just about diet and exercise. More and more employees are facing money worries, and that financial stress is taking its toll on their health, productivity and, in the end, their employer’s bottom line. From getting bills paid to saving for retirement, finding affordable child care to managing debt, the financial challenges add up, along with stress. Companies nationwide are addressing this epidemic by implementing programs that will empower and educate employees to achieve financial fitness and independence.

How Can Our Specialists Help?

Our specialists can find solutions for almost anything an employee may need, from the everyday to the one-of-a-kind. In this video, our specialists talk about some of the many real ways they've helped our members find solutions.