SHELTON, CT – LifeCare, the leading work-life benefits provider covering 61,000 clients and 100 million members, was honored at ADP’s Meeting of the Minds client conference in Washington, DC on March 15th with ADP® Marketplace’s first annual “Trailblazer” award presented by ADP Chief Strategy Officer, Don Weinstein. LifeCare is the leader in productivity and employee loyalty solutions and their mission is to empower people to lead better and healthier lives by providing them with the information, resources, savings and tools they need to succeed in life, both at home and at work.

ADP Marketplace and LifeCare partner to create great solutions.

The Trailblazer award recognizes ADP Marketplace partners for their vision, innovation and commitment in collaborating with ADP to build the first ever human capital management (HCM) OS. According to ADP, as an ADP Marketplace partner, LifeCare excelled in the following:

  • LifeCare exemplified the true spirit of partnership through effective collaboration across IT, marketing, business development and relationship management
  • LifeCare identified opportunities to maximize client satisfaction by fully integrating at least one of their solutions and driving transactions on ADP Marketplace
  • LifeCare worked collaboratively in developing a solution that is easy for ADP clients to adopt
  • LifeCare committed to investing in achieving a long term vision and strategy for success on ADP Marketplace

“LifeCare [has] set a standard of excellence in how they partner with us on the ADP Marketplace that we hope others will emulate as we grow,” said Weinstein. “Their efforts to collaborate fully and effectively in helping our shared clients be successful has earned them the Trailblazer designation.”

LifeCare was chosen as one of the first partners to join the ADP Marketplace in October of 2014 offering EAP services & exclusive LifeMart product deals. LifeCare’s suite of services helps employers to drive engagement and improve employee productivity and retention. In 2015 alone, LifeCare saved ADP members over $2.5 million. Looking to the future, LifeCare continues to introduce new and improved service delivery models that are leading-edge in the industry.

“Companies experience losses of billions of dollars each year in productivity as their employees struggle to manage their work-life challenges. Our clients provide LifeCare services to their employees to help them balance their work-life needs and employees really feel like their company is giving back,” said Chris Burki, Managing Partner, LifeCare. “LifeCare is the thought leader in the Work-Life space and partnering with ADP, the leader in the Human Capital space, is a unique and valuable opportunity to both our clients and their employees.”

About LifeCare
LifeCare provides employer-sponsored work-life benefits to 61,000 clients, including Fortune 500 companies and large branches of the federal government, representing 100 million members nationwide. In addition to child and backup care solutions, LifeCare also provides a full suite of work-life solutions that save members time with personal life needs such as: elder care, legal and financial issues, health and everyday responsibilities. LifeCare also operates LifeMart, an online discount shopping website, that provides real savings on everyday products and needs. Headquartered in Shelton, CT, LifeCare can be found online at, on Twitter , LinkedIn or Facebook.

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