Helping employees to continue working is made easier with LifeCare’s unparalleled personalized support.

 SHELTON, CT (PRWEB) June 24, 2020

As the country reopens for business under new, unfamiliar rules and conditions, LifeCare – the industry’s #1 Work-Life provider – is providing millions of members with unprecedented, personalized support that reduces stress and increases productivity.

“Adapting to new demands and work conditions can be confusing, causing anxiety and lack of focus for employees and stress for employers navigating it all,” explains Peter Burki, Co-Founder & CEO of LifeCare. “Fortunately, our 24/7 specialists and personalized technology platform provide targeted support and services that alleviate those challenges, replacing the worry with expert guidance.”

Specifically, as the new COVID-19 restrictions created child and senior care demands nationwide, one LifeCare client experienced an unprecedented 6,396% utilization increase for their Backup Care Connection program – a premier service that provides secure, last-minute child care.

LifeCare’s adaptation to the historic demand was immediate and seamless, quickly collaborating with clients to creatively meet their expanding requirements and ensuring that employees had the support they needed.

In fact, across all clients, LifeCare has maintained a 99% rate of finding a backup care solution for members in need.

Overall, members are receiving the work assistance they need across varied situations:

  • One LifeCare member is a critical “essential worker” in the healthcare industry who was unable to get to work because, with schools closed due to COVID-19, there was no one to care for his children. He called a LifeCare specialist who immediately identified his needs then provided a solution using Backup Care Connection. This enabled the member to return to work and saving lives. He notes, “I’m greatly appreciative of having a service to care for our loved ones while we are at the forefront caring for others.”
  • The spouse of a LifeCare member was unexpectedly furloughed due to COVID-19, resulting in significant financial uncertainty and stress. LifeCare provided the member with the tailored guidance needed, finding multiple financial assistance and community resources that will help the member and her spouse cope with the financial impacts of the pandemic and beyond. The personalized guidance and tools will help her to remain focused, productive and more at ease while at work.

While every member’s needs are unique, LifeCare is managing soaring demand across five key service areas:

  • Work-Life: As employers and employees are faced with unique situations, including child care gaps, summer care, caregiving for aging loved ones, legal and financial concerns, and emotional health issues, Work-Life services help members navigate these challenges by locating, vetting and confirming availability of services and products, saving them time and reducing stress.
  • Backup Care Connection: As regular care plans are disrupted for children, aging loved ones, and even pets, this program finds members reliable, temporary care, even at the last minute. With center-based, in-home, or personal caregiver options, and program access via phone, web or mobile app, Backup Care Connection offers maximum support and flexibility, ensuring that members can choose the right care for them so that they can get to work.
  • Financial Wellness: In this time of business upheaval, record unemployment, and financial concerns, LifeCare provides the financial guidance and tools necessary to maximize members’ financial health and minimize the financial impact of the pandemic.
  • Homework Connection: With school buildings remaining closed for the remainder of the school year in most of the country, parents are now supporting teachers in the remote education of students. Additionally, parents are now concerned with the loss of learning their children may be facing due to distance learning. LifeCare’s Homework Connection provides 24/7 online access to professional tutors and educational tools, to help working parents avoid or minimize the added stress or time commitment brought about by a struggling student.
  • Integrated EAP: As the workforce is experiencing heightened levels of stress, anxiety and emotional health concerns, this program provides access to confidential counseling sessions for members and their whole household. They also have access to emotional health resources and information to help them cope, recover and build their mental strength.

Beyond their award-winning specialists, LifeCare also offers its members an abundance of COVID-19 tips, tools, and events offering exclusive insights on how best to adjust to today’s work environments. Backed by LifeCare’s technology platform, all information is delivered in personalized ways that ensure the greatest relevance for every member.

“As the nation adapts to these new COVID-19 requirements,” continues Mr. Burki, “LifeCare will be leading the way for millions, enabling them with the knowledge, guidance, and support to make their work transitions as seamless and stress-free as possible.”

About LifeCare

LifeCare provides employer-sponsored work-life benefits to 61,000 clients, including Fortune 500 companies and large branches of the federal government, representing 100 million members nationwide. LifeCare offers a full suite of solutions that save members time with personal life needs such as Backup Care Connection, Senior Care Management, Homework Connection, Mothers@Work, MilkShip, LeaveCoach, and BenConnect. LifeCare also operates LifeMart, an online discount shopping website that provides real savings on everyday products and needs. LifeCare is headquartered in Shelton, CT, and can be followed on Linkedin.