Backup Care ConnectionAdult and child backup care services are in high demand. With Backup Care Connection, LifeCare is providing security and peace-of-mind for thousands of families.


“I was definitely worried about my productivity at work and this service just took all of that away!” So raves Gina P. from Pearson Inc. regarding LifeCare’s Backup Care Connection services.

Backup Care Connection reduces stress and enables peace-of-mind by providing complete child and adult care solutions to LifeCare members. When an adult or child backup care need arises, LifeCare specialists are there 24/7 to offer immediate solutions tailored to the member’s specific needs.

The flexibility of the program’s services (enabled by a network of providers, local solutions, and even friends and family) is driven by the unique needs of LifeCare’s members. “We see different situations every day”, explains LifeCare’s CEO, Peter Burki. “Understanding all of the aspects of each case, being thorough in our support, and following-up with members ensures that we achieve the best outcome.”

In Gina’s instance, she contacted LifeCare regarding her mother who had been experiencing a decline with some mild cognitive impairment and had recently fallen. Gina was acting as the primary caregiver for her mother, but needed to travel for work which would leave a gap in care.

Brittany Langer, Adult & Elder Care Specialist at LifeCare, educated Gina on her backup care benefit. Specifically, Brittany worked with a local agency to identify a caregiver who had the appropriate expertise and flexibility to meet Gina’s scheduling needs. As the case progressed (and scheduling changes arose), Brittany worked with Gina and the agency caregiver to ensure her mother received the help she needed when she needed it.

As with every request received, LifeCare conducted a quality assurance follow-up to confirm all aspects of the case met the member’s needs and expectations. “I felt like we were saving the day for Gina’s family”, Brittany would later say.

“Brittany was an outstanding source of information and support during a stressful time”, said Gina. “I travel quite a bit for work and Brittany handled the situation from start to finish. She followed up regularly and was so kind and efficient – I could completely trust her. The care my mother got while I was away was outstanding as well.”

LifeCare CEO, Peter Burki, elaborates, “Because each member has their own care requirements, we take the time to tailor our backup care services accordingly. Ultimately, this personalized care gives LifeCare members reassurance and peace-of-mind. Fortunately, LifeCare has a multitude of specialists like Brittany providing this to our members daily.”

Nationwide, LifeCare’s Backup Care Connection service has never been more in-demand since its creation in 2007. In that time, LifeCare has handled hundreds of thousands of cases resulting in families achieving relief and happiness through the unique, personalized backup care solutions they receive.

About LifeCare
LifeCare provides employer-sponsored work-life benefits to 61,000 clients, including Fortune 500 companies and large branches of the federal government, representing 100 million members nationwide. In addition to child and backup care solutions, LifeCare also provides a full suite of work-life solutions that save members time with personal life needs such as: elder care, legal and financial issues, health and everyday responsibilities. LifeCare also operates LifeMart, an online discount shopping website that provides real savings on everyday products and needs. LifeCare is headquartered in Shelton, CT.