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30 Years of Dynamic Innovation

Since our inception nearly 30 years ago, LifeCare has set the standards that define the industry and we continue to raise the bar on quality.

When the industry started in the 80s, we were the first to develop the single-source case management model whereby we use our own staff, systems and proprietary database to deliver our services. Now, virtually all of our competitors have attempted to replicate this model for the superior quality and results it provides. We were also the first to integrate our work-life services with EAPs as early as 1989, and today many of our competitors are only beginning to broach integration.

We were the first to launch a work-life balance web site and later an online Discount Center—and today our platform remains years ahead of our competitors. A true innovator, LifeCare continues to introduce new and improved service delivery models that are leading-edge in the industry.

LifeCare regularly benchmarks our service against internal key performance indicators such as case audits and monitoring—and we use indicators that are more aggressive than market standards. External benchmarking also occurs persistently via client audits of our services as well as by third party organizations that audit us for accreditations and reward recognitions. For example, LifeCare’s call center has been recognized as a Certified Center of Excellence by the Center for Customer-Driven Quality™ at Purdue University. It ranks in the top 10 percent of the 20,000 call centers studied within North America. Our Quality Department also has been recognized for its superior Information Management System and processes.