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Infographic: Backup Care During Uncertain Times »

This infographic highlights how high-impact backup care support programs can help employers and employees during uncertain times. Learn more about our Backup Care program >>

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Infographic: Saving Employees Time & Stress Yields Positive Results »

This infographic highlights how high-quality employee support programs positively impact employee productivity, engagement and retention.

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Infographic: Support That Improves Productivity & Loyalty »

This infographic displays statistics around the impact of high-quality employee support programs.

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Infographic: The Major Impact of Employee Work-Life Support »

This infographic displays statistics around work-life support programs.

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Infographic: Backup Care Utilization at a Glance »

This infographic displays statistics around backup care program use by eligible LifeCare members in 2018.

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Infographic: Redefining Flexibility in Backup Care »

This infographic displays statistics supporting why employers should provide their employees with a flexible backup care program.

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