women getting leave of absence advice

Give your employees the personal support and tools they need to successfully transition to and from a leave of absence

What is LeaveCoach?

A unique benefit that provides access to designated LeaveCoaches who provide personalized coaching and support to employees who take a Leave of Absence by:

  • Hosting group and one-on-one meetings with employees who are anticipating a leave
  • Providing coaching and subject matter expertise on your Leave policies and programs
  • Directing employees to the most appropriate benefits for their needs
  • Proactively scheduling outreach/touch-points to help employees prepare for the transition back to work
  • Providing helpful content and resources

LeaveCoaches also provide one-on-one guidance and training to help managers in your organization support employees’ who take a leave.

Why Offer LeaveCoach?

LeaveCoach helps organizations:

  • Increase retention rates of employees who go out on leave
  • Improve the focus, productivity and loyalty of employees who take a leave of absence
  • Drive awareness and utilization of your related benefits
  • Ease employees’ and managers’ anxieties regarding leave and return to work issues
  • Earn recognition for offering family-friendly benefits

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Employers who’ve implemented LeaveCoach are getting results:

  • 99% overall satisfaction rate
  • 95% of employees indicated they felt more loyal to their employer
  • 30% increase in utilization of related benefits