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Help employees and their families overcome academic challenges.

What is On-Demand Tutoring?

On-Demand Tutoring is an on-demand, online tutoring service offered at no cost to the employee or student.

Members will receive:

  • Immediate access to online tutoring 24/7 – no appointments necessary
  • Assistance with hundreds of subjects in grades K-12 and college levels
  • Interactive learning sessions including web chat, phone and video
  • Unlimited use of on-demand study guides, practice tests and supplemental resources

Why Offer On-Demand Tutoring?

We Help Employees:

  • Save time with daily homework responsibilities
  • Save money on professional tutors
  • Reduce stress associated with schoolwork

We Help Employers:

  • Decrease employee stress
  • Improve employee focus
  • Build employee morale and loyalty
  • Promote academic success
  • The cost of a private tutor ranges from $20 to $200 an hour depending on where you live, the subject matter, and qualifications of the tutor.
  • The cost of tutoring firms/classes ranges from $45-$90 an hour and are typically offered in small groups, rather than one-on-one.

Tutors You Can Trust

On-Demand Tutoring connects members with more than 2,500 professional tutors in various specialty areas. Plus all sessions are confidential to protect privacy and safety of members.