call center employee providing concierge services

Give your employees precious time back in their day and reap the benefits of a more engaged workforce.

What Are My Personal Assistant Services?

My Personal Assistant specialists help employees tackle time-consuming daily responsibilities — so they are more focused and productive at work, including:

  • Researching and identifying resources, services or providers based on employee preferences and needs including availability, budget, specialties
  • Errand running (e.g., drop off/pick up prescriptions and personal items, car serving/oil change, post office duties)
  • Making restaurant, travel or entertainment reservations
  • Scheduling home or auto services (e.g., plumbers, lawn services, car repair)
  • Booking tickets or special events
  • Arranging delivery services (e.g., flowers, food, dry-cleaning)
  • Comparing prices, locate hard-to-find items, and make purchases

Why Offer My Personal Assistant Services?

We Help Employees:

Save time with daily tasks and responsibilities

Save money with related discounts

Reduce workplace distractions and stress

Improve job satisfaction and loyalty

We Help Employers:

Attract and retain valued employees

Improve employee focus

Reduce employee absenteeism

Build employee morale and loyalty

The average employee spends…

two hours a day on the Internet solving personal problems.

–2012 Department of Labor Study

Save Your Employees Money Too!

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