professional senior care

Caregiving can take a toll on your employees
and your organization.

What is Senior Care Management?

We will arrange for Senior Care Managers in our networks to provide in-person services to employees’ aging parents or older loved ones, at no cost to the employee or care recipient. Services include:

  • In-home or post-hospital assessments followed by report outlining recommended care and services
  • Facility reviews that help employees locate the most appropriate care facilities in their area
  • Ongoing care and coordination of services

Why Offer Senior Care Management Services?

We Help Employees:

Better understand the care needs of aging loved ones

Save money with free in-person assessments and services

Provide peace of mind that their loved ones are receiving appropriate care, even when they can’t always be there

We Help Employers:

Decrease caregiver absenteeism

Reduce caregiver distractions and improve employee focus

Build employee morale and loyalty

Caregiving employees often come in late or leave early to care for aging loved ones and on average miss 7 days of work per year—costing U.S. companies $33 billion a year.

Forbes; Caregiving is a Corporate Issue; March 2014

Our nationwide network of care managers are highly credentialed so employees and their loved ones receive expert care from professionals they can trust.