shopping discounts means more money for your piggy bank

LifeMart adds up to real savings for real life.
Your employees will thank you.

What Is LifeMart®?

Life is expensive. LifeMart, our employee discount program, makes everyday life a little more affordable — and a lot more fun — with both national and local discounts from brands you know and love. We provide real savings on real life needs. Child care. Senior care. Tuition. Travel. And all those little things in life that can add up. Groceries. Cell phones. The gym. Eating out. School supplies. Whether you’re planning a major purchase like a car, home or vacation, or just want to save on day-to-day essentials, LifeMart is your lifeline.

Let LifeCare:

  • Customize categories, merchants and offers to suit your needs
  • Integrate our site with your work-life or other benefits
  • Use our expertise and custom promotions to engage your employees

Why offer LifeMart?

We Help Employees:

  • Save money on everyday expenses
  • Save time with one-stop shopping
  • Stretch their paycheck further

We Help Employers:

  • Offer a free high value benefit to employees-just for being part of their organization
  • Save administrators time by managing your discount program
  • Take all the credit for helping save their employee’s time and money