How LifeCare Helps Employees

Experience the LifeCare Difference

LifeCare saves members time and money with quality matches to content, providers, products and services in parenting, senior care, legal and financial services, home services and wellness. LifeCare also operates LifeMart, one of the largest members-only online discount shopping websites, with discounts of up to 40% on more than 4 million products and services.

LifeCare helps match employees to:

Case Study

Four shoppers

Satisfaction Through Discounts:

When one of the world's largest multi-national retailers wanted to enhance its benefits package to increase employee productivity and loyalty, it turned to LifeCare and LifeMart. In the first year of deployment, LifeMart saved its employees nearly $40,000,000 — an estimated savings of one paycheck per employee—with employee satisfaction rates of 80 percent or better.

LifeMart, available to the client's employees 24/7/365, delivers millions of discounted products and services, both locally and nationwide. It also provides a completely seamless administrative experience: LifeCare works with all of the company's vendors, handles all calls and negotiations, conducts quality assurance checks and monitors all discount/merchant activity.