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All submissions to LifeCare, Inc. (“LifeCare”) to become a LifeMart Merchant are subject to approval in the sole discretion of LifeCare. You certify that you have the authority to complete the Request to Become a LifeMart Merchant form (“Merchant Application”), and all information included by you in the Merchant Application is true and accurate. You understand that LifeCare maintains strict criteria which Merchants must meet in order to eligible for acceptance as a LifeMart Merchant, including but not limited to BBB Rating, Insurance limits, years in business, etc. In addition, Merchants in the following areas are not eligible to become LifeMart Merchants, alcohol, firearms, tobacco, lewd services/products, and/or any other products and services determined in LifeCare’s sole discretion not to be eligible and/or appropriate for the LifeMart Platform. You further understand that if your Merchant Application is accepted you will be required to sign a LifeCare form of Merchant Agreement which will govern your relationship with LifeCare as a Merchant on LifeCare’s LifeMart platform.